What a busy start....

Well January already gone and we have been busy bees in the office. Two sites out the door and one ready to go live very soon. We have a few great new projects to run with in February so as usual there is no rest for us. We would have it no other way.

Google to penalise mobile sites using intrusive pop-ups

So yet again Google is shaking things up. Not long ago they said they would only rank mobile ready (responsive designed) websites highly and all others will start to lose their rankings. Anyone who has spoken to me over the last year will know all about this as I am always telling my clients the importance of responsive design, but what is this latest announcement?


It's at this time of year I take a look back at the past 11 months and look at how we have been doing as a company. It's hard sometimes to remember to do this as we get so busy in the office. Don't get me wrong I love being busy but sometimes we just need some time to catch a breath.

Being a small family run business we do not take on hundreds of clients at a time, we tend to focus on a few so that we can really get involved with the clients dream to get online. Because we spend so much time on our clients website we often neglect our own.

So a little bit longer to wait...

As you know we are finalists in the Bexley Business Awards for Best Technology Company 2016. We feel this is great recognition of our family business. We had our interview with the Judges this week so now we just have to wait until June to find out if we have won. We are really proud to be in the same category as other great companies in the area.

So watch this space.

Image Usage on Websites

Something I get asked a lot about is image use on a website. It still fascinates me after 10 years of running my own business that so many are unaware of copyright law regarding images. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the phrase “But its on Google so it must be free to use!”

The simple fact is no its not free to use!!! Google index images just as they index written content and as such they have millions if not billions of images that look available. If you want to use something for a website then you have quite a few legal options open to you.

Why Responsive Mobile Ready Design Should Be Standard

First of all what is responsive design? Responsive design is a website that responds to the way you are being viewed – so will adapt to a phone, tablet or large screen pc without losing design or functionality features.

We keep getting calls from prospective clients asking us how much extra we charge for responsive mobile ready design. Our simple answer is nothing extra!!! We feel, as most good designers/developers do, that mobile responsive sites should be the only types of sites created now. After all search engines like Google are demanding it so why shouldn't you?

Bexley Awards Finalist

Bexley Business Awards FinalistWe are so excited to have been named a finalist in the Bexley Business Awards 2016 for Best Technology Company. Its our 2nd year as a finalist, last year in the category for Customer Services. We hope that this year we win but as ever we are up against some amazing companies. Fingers and toes crossed.

What to ask when talking to a Website Developer/Designer.

I wrote a blog on this back in 2013 and to be honest not a huge amount has changed in respect of finding a good designer but as design and development have changed over the years there are some key things you need to do and ask when looking for a good one.

As I said before, choosing a website design company that is right for you isn’t just as straight forward as picking one that is highly ranked on review sites or had the coolest looking website or even the best portfolio.

Client Retention

So I was looking through some old contracts and generally having a good sort out when I realised that the only files I was archiving were clients that had either closed down or gone in a different direction. Then I noticed that there were not that many files to archive at all. So I got to thinking how many of my clients are still with us from when I started 8 years ago? The percentage was quite high. So then I looked further and looked at how many clients were still with us that were start ups and that is when it hit me. Our client retention is actually very high.


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