What to ask when talking to a Website Developer/Designer.

I wrote a blog on this back in 2013 and to be honest not a huge amount has changed in respect of finding a good designer but as design and development have changed over the years there are some key things you need to do and ask when looking for a good one.

As I said before, choosing a website design company that is right for you isn’t just as straight forward as picking one that is highly ranked on review sites or had the coolest looking website or even the best portfolio.

Client Retention

So I was looking through some old contracts and generally having a good sort out when I realised that the only files I was archiving were clients that had either closed down or gone in a different direction. Then I noticed that there were not that many files to archive at all. So I got to thinking how many of my clients are still with us from when I started 8 years ago? The percentage was quite high. So then I looked further and looked at how many clients were still with us that were start ups and that is when it hit me. Our client retention is actually very high.

Recall your emails!

Have you ever sent an email and then had that panic feeling? Nooooooo I didn't mean to send that etc – I think we all have. I know I once sent an email meant for my husband, Simon, to a client called Simon asking what he thought about a particular website update and told him that we had sausages for dinner. Luckily the client saw the funny said. He did say he thought I was a but forward by calling him “Hun” but he did quite fancy the sausages!!!

The importance of a contract

You would be surprised how many people come to me to discuss a redesign and tell me they do not have a contract with their existing developer. It baffles me how this happens. As a developer I have a standard contract that I insist the client signs before we begin work. This is to protect them just as much as it is to protect me. I do not know any good developer who doesn't insist on a signed contract. If you are in negotiations with a developer at the moment and they don't require a contract I would question why? Will you own the website at the end of completion?

Google Search Change Could Cause 'Mobilegeddon'

So you may have heard the news - Google are changing their mobile algorithm to take into account “mobile friendly” websites from tomorrow. You may have heard it called responsive design – we have written a blog on it in the past too. We have been developing our websites like this for the past 18 months because we knew this day would come. Some clients have also updated their old sites to make sure they were ready. How will this effect you if you have a site that isn't responsive?

Don't give customers what they want... give them what they need.

So the above statement can be taken in a number of ways. Does it mean that if you come to us and ask about website design and development that we won't listen to you, tell you that all your ideas are wrong and tell you what WE think you should have? No... we wouldn't get very far as a business if we did that.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Recently we had a new client approach us about his existing website. He had a very dated design and was finding that his web developer was very hard to reach and minimal changes were costing a lot of money. Also when he asked them about making his site responsive they wanted to charge him.... lets just say a lot of money.

January Over!!!

Wow January is over all ready - how fast did that go? We have been incredibly busy this past month which is fantastic. We have taken on 3 new clients and are busy building websites for them now. February looks set to bring more work our way and the result of the Bexley Awards will be at the end of the month. Exciting Times at Medden Website Design.


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