Client Retention

So I was looking through some old contracts and generally having a good sort out when I realised that the only files I was archiving were clients that had either closed down or gone in a different direction. Then I noticed that there were not that many files to archive at all. So I got to thinking how many of my clients are still with us from when I started 8 years ago? The percentage was quite high. So then I looked further and looked at how many clients were still with us that were start ups and that is when it hit me. Our client retention is actually very high.

Now don't get me wrong, we have lost clients over the years for one reason or another but I am proud that these are few and far between. Not one to rest on my laurels I then wanted to look at why we do keep our clients. There is the obvious I suppose, we have only ever increased our hosting/support charges just once in 8 years but that is never enough. We arent the cheapest out there but we aren't the most expensive by far but I think the key to good client retention is customer service. I really hope that my clients feel the same way.

We are a small company and this often puts off the big clients because they think we cant cope with their business but actually I think the opposite is true. Because we are small, we offer a more personal service and the client will be guaranteed to talk to me or my partner, Tina, and above all we can keep our costs down and most clients like that too!! Trying to convince the bigger companies of this isn't easy. Recently we did start working with a larger client that required a high end website design and I think it has been one of the most enjoyable working relationships we have ever had. I think the client was shocked when they got emails from me at midnight or I replied to an email they had sent late at night. They had sent me and email expecting me to see it in the morning but I was up and working so dealt with it there and then. Client is happy, I have one less thing to do the next day. Long may this continue.

Our clients know that we have a genuine interest in making sure their website performs well. It doesn't matter if they are a company that employs thousands, hundreds, 5 or its just them. They all the same thing in common – they need a website to get their message out there and its our job to get their voice heard.

So in doing my filing I ended up feeling really good about the business and the way forward for us but we won't stop trying to keep our clients happy and costs low. Oh and the bonus of it... the filing is done!