Don't give customers what they want... give them what they need.

So the above statement can be taken in a number of ways. Does it mean that if you come to us and ask about website design and development that we won't listen to you, tell you that all your ideas are wrong and tell you what WE think you should have? No... we wouldn't get very far as a business if we did that.

Having said that, we won't just tell you what you want to hear either - “Yes a bright pink goes very well with sunshine yellow and indigo blue..... that would look lovely on a logo for a builders merchants!!!” We always say the same thing to our clients, you are experts in your field and you have come to us as experts in ours. We ALWAYS listen to our clients lists of what they want their website to do and how they want to achieve this but we also give them alternatives they may not have thought of and offer solutions that may fit a small or large budget.

This is also the reason why all our sites are bespoke. No two clients are the same. One client may want a simple brochure site with contact form and gallery, the next might want a fully functioning CMS with forums, download facilities and complex back end databases. We can do all that but we can also do more and we should do more. Every developer and designer should listen to their clients but also listen to their needs. You may need to keep your customers updated daily on where you are working and what you are doing, others may want weekly newsletters with the latest offers. We hope that when someone comes through our door they have a list as long as their arm of things they want. When they leave they have another long list of what they need and a clear indication of how this will be achieved. Nothing is better for us that hearing our prospective clients leave saying “We hadn't thought about that” or “Thank you so much for the information.” It's not about selling extras, it's about letting clients know what a website is capable of and how it can radically change their business. Most of the things we tell clients come as standard on our websites it just that the client might not be aware of what a website can do.

Also we look at our clients business and look at it from a customers point of view so that our clients can meet their customers needs as well.... it all goes around in a circle.

So no, sorry, you cannot have the logo in those colour or you may end up driving customers away just because you have blinded them before they even look at your site.... but you can have a website developed for you with your needs fulfilled.... with complementing colours and design and features that fit your business and your clients. If you want all that and more then you know where we are.