A Good Meeting

I have many meetings with prospective clients. Some are start ups and are so excited about a new website and have fantastic ideas and the meeting is often very buzzing. These meetings are great but often you have to reel the client in a bit when they say they want a massive social network website and they only have a £200 budget. Although, I do love the enthusiasm and when you then bring ideas to the table that the client hasn’t thought of, you can see that you have helped them develop on an idea.

Other times you get a prospective client who has already been down the route of having a website and either need a redesign as the site is dated and they want more control with a CMS (content management system). These clients normally know exactly what they want this time around and control is often key. They should have control, after all, its their website!

Or you have a client that has had a bad experience with a web developer. I think this latter sort of meeting is often the hardest kind. Over the years I have heard some terrible stories where people have ended up not only out of pocket but also without any website to show for it. With these clients I have to work at getting them to trust someone again and give them the confidence that we will get the website they want and we will get it right together. The most common thing I hear is that they didn’t have a contract with these so called developers. This is almost an invitation for the developer not to complete any job as they feel they have no obligation – it’s wrong but it still seems to be going on!

Having said that these are the hardest kind of meetings, they can also be the most rewarding jobs. When you see how happy a client is with the end result and you know they have been through a bad experience before, it does give you a great feeling of accomplishment. We are human and things can go wrong but we are also being paid to provide someone with their website and we need to make sure we do right by them.

Maybe in my next article I will write about a bad meeting!!! I might start with the story of when a prospective client walked in and said “Oh, your a woman!” in a very disappointed tone!!!