Google to penalise mobile sites using intrusive pop-ups

So yet again Google is shaking things up. Not long ago they said they would only rank mobile ready (responsive designed) websites highly and all others will start to lose their rankings. Anyone who has spoken to me over the last year will know all about this as I am always telling my clients the importance of responsive design, but what is this latest announcement?

Google has announced that it will begin downgrading sites that use “intrusive interstitials”, pop-ups to me and you. So from January 10, 2017, Google will be penalising sites that use excessive pop-ups by lowering their rankings in the mobile search results.

Hoorah I say. I hate pop ups with vengeance – I have never recommended them to my clients and when asked for them I have always done my very best to talk a client out of it. As a user they are not only annoying but also mostly pointless. Looks like Google agrees with me – they have put this latest shake up down to improving user experience.

By announcing this now it gives companies time to get their houses in order and get rid of this annoying little pop ups. So if you are using them – stop now!!!