Recall your emails!

Have you ever sent an email and then had that panic feeling? Nooooooo I didn't mean to send that etc – I think we all have. I know I once sent an email meant for my husband, Simon, to a client called Simon asking what he thought about a particular website update and told him that we had sausages for dinner. Luckily the client saw the funny said. He did say he thought I was a but forward by calling him “Hun” but he did quite fancy the sausages!!!

Well if only this had been invented back then. Google has added a new feature to gmail to let people take back their accidentally sent emails.

Gmail’s newest addition is an “undo send” feature, which lets you recall emails that have been sent. Bu you have to be quick – the longest you can recall is up to 30 seconds after you have clicked the sent button. It works by holding back the email for up to 30 seconds and then sends it if no recall has been made.

How do you get this wonderful tool?

Just log into your gmail – click on the cog wheel on the right hand top corner. Then select settings. In the first general tab scroll down and you will see the “undo send” option. Simply enable it, save and get sending or un-sending! See image below.

A lot of people have been using this option as part of its Googlemail Labs, which gives Gmail users special features that can’t usually be accessed. But as this has proved so popular rather than hide it away they have moved it as part of their main options.