Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Recently we had a new client approach us about his existing website. He had a very dated design and was finding that his web developer was very hard to reach and minimal changes were costing a lot of money. Also when he asked them about making his site responsive they wanted to charge him.... lets just say a lot of money.

When he came to us we told him that we design responsively (making a website that works on all platforms from pc, mobile, tablet without losing functionality or design) as standard. We told him that we have done this for a while now as it should be expected that all new websites work in every way without losing any design features. When we quoted him a price for a new website with lots more functionality that he was used to and a full CMS system, he accepted. We were happy, he was happy. Later he told us the price that his existing designer wanted to charge to make his site responsive. It was a lot more than he was paying us for a brand new website.

So there are two questions here! Are we too cheap? We do not feel like we undersell ourselves. We provide a service that we charge a fair price for. We feel we are value for money but also that we lay all our charges out at the very beginning so the client is aware of everything from day one. Are we alone in charging no more for responsive design? No, there are lots of reputable companies out there that feel like us that the client deserves the very latest technologies we can provide without them having to break the bank.

When looking for a website developer always do your research – are there any hidden extras? Will changes cost a lot of money? Will it work on all platforms?

There is nothing better for us than a happy client. This client was over the moon with the finished result. We are happy, he is happy! Win Win.