Website Design - Businesses want more

So nearly every business these days either has a website or desperately needs one. But these days business was more than just a static brochure site, They want a website that can do much more than just give information and take an enquiry. They want what is called a CMS (content management systems).

Nearly all of the websites owned by huge global companies are built using a CMS sich as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. But how do you know what one is the right one for you. We have worked on all the CMS systems out there but we have yet to find a better recommendation that Drupal.

So Why Drupal?

A good reason is that a lot of the large companies out there need their website to be in more than one language. So instead of creating multiple websites Drupal have a module that can allow the user to change the language instantly. But what if you arent a huge global company but you are a company that is growing or has huge plans for the future. What can Drupal do for you?

Drupal is one of the easiest systems I have ever used. I always remember that my clients have different levels of technical knowledge and understanding and that is why Drupal is ideal. For the most basic of user it is simple to add and edit pages as well as images and blogs. When we finish a website we always offer video tutorials on how to use the CMS of your new website. I have found over the years that clients find this so helpful at the beginning. Often they think that a CMS will be so hard to work with but after the initial watching of the tutorials, they are off and away. Drupal allows us as developers make it easier for the owner of the site take control and add valued content to their own website without having to rely on anyone else. Obviously some clients are too busy to make changes etc and we are always happy to help with that but the majority actually cannot wait to get stuck in and help build their online presence.

Drupal also offers the client the ability to grow. If you need added functionality at any time then it is far simpler to add this to a Drupal site than any other CMS I know. Recently a client has gone from a simple brochure site to a fully integrated invoice system for their clients using the back end of their drupal site. Because we knew that the client would eventually go this route when we designed the site it enabled us to add this function without incurring a huge cost for the client and this equals a happy client.

The only downside of Drupal is that does require skilled developers to install and initiate the website but that is where we come in.