Why Responsive Mobile Ready Design Should Be Standard

First of all what is responsive design? Responsive design is a website that responds to the way you are being viewed – so will adapt to a phone, tablet or large screen pc without losing design or functionality features.

We keep getting calls from prospective clients asking us how much extra we charge for responsive mobile ready design. Our simple answer is nothing extra!!! We feel, as most good designers/developers do, that mobile responsive sites should be the only types of sites created now. After all search engines like Google are demanding it so why shouldn't you?

This industry moves so quickly and is ever changing but having a site work on all platforms is a must today and any developer that charges extra is missing the point. Years ago longevity held a lot for being high on search engines but content and responsive design have taken over. Businesses with old static sites are now finding that they are having to work a lot harder to compete. This means a new website can often come from nowhere and outrank a long standing business.

So if you are looking for a new website make sure its responsive or it isn't worth the money. Also make sure you aren't being charged extra!!!